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For most fishermen a crankbait pole should have a moderate to moderate/fast action. Modern materials have come a long way and it is not uncommon to see graphite rod blanks taking over. Discover over 453 of our best selection of Deep Diving Crankbaits on AliExpress.com with top-selling Deep Diving Crankbaits brands. The 5.3:1 ratio is ideal for crankbaits in my opinion, whether I’m deep cranking or working thick, shallow cover,” he explains. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Regardless of what line you like best for your fishing you need to keep something else in mind. If you are fishing near structures and weed beds then the heavier line will make more sense.​. Deeper diving crankbaits will generally work best with a medium power rod. VanDam’s most recent addition to his favorites list is Barfish. Lipless Crankbaits. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. FEATURED PRODUCT: Megabass Big-M 7.5 Super-Deep Diving Crankbait This article may contain affiliate links. Kanan crankbaits are among the best crankbait lures on the market! Bassmaster LIVE. Generally the lakes he fishes have a fair amount of color to the water, and VanDam makes sure to pinpoint the fine details. A moderate action is the minimum one you would want to choose. ”. ​St Croix claim to have cracked the building of a crankbait rod from graphite with the premier series. For most crankbait setups you should be aiming for a medium to heavy power. They all work, especially when they are employed under reciprocal conditions. New. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Hardly anyone could attest to the effectiveness of these lures better than the most decorated man in competitive bass fishing, Kevin VanDam. Top lures of Lake Champlain. Pro bass angler Chris Zaldain shares how he finds productive offshore bass fishing spots using side imaging and how to trigger 'em with deep diving crankbaits. Are there different mud lines throughout the fishery? Articles / How To Fish Deep Diving Crankbaits / How To Fish Deep Diving Crankbaits . Bass are moving offshore all around the country and it’s time to get cranking. All things being equal a longer rod tends to get a longer casting distance that a shorter one. I factor in the light penetration allowed first thing in the morning and how that is going to change throughout the day. The first being Sexy Shad, a color that KVD single handedly made famous in the past two decades. Berkley Dredger Crankbaits. ​. The ratings usually describe either the upper limits or they may indicate a range in which is best to operate. A 6XD and 10XD in Barfish helped me get the win last year at the Elite Series event on Toledo Bend Reservoir. “Light penetration changes by the minute,” VanDam said. 6-keys: sports/wired2fish//// But if the action is to fast it may increase the chances of the hooks coming loose once hooked. As you cast all the power that you put into the rod blank is spring loaded through the rod tip, with a longer length the spring will whip heavier lures at a much higher speed resulting in greater casting distances. All lot of fishermen think the fiberglass rods are too old fashioned and they think the an exotic graphite or carbon fiber blend is the only thing to use. You can use them anytime of year, in most fishing situations. Like all of the innovative Scatter Raps, its balsa heart and cupped bill give it a truly unique darting-hunting action. I imagine with a mag heavy rating he is talking BIG heavy spinnerbaits and he specifically says DEEP Diving cranks. “It’s a very natural looking color in the water and perfectly mimics yellow bass, white bass, crappie or even crappie; which big bass love to feed on. Proberos Square Bill Crankbait with Treble Hooks. These rods have a medium/heavy power with a moderate action. Extra Deep Diving Crankbaits 16-20+ feet Follow This Category. This changes day-by-day and even hour-by-hour on a fishery. Spend a day crankbait fishing with a spinning setup and your wrist, arms and shoulders will know all about it. An unbelievable lost and found story. The range is priced on the low end and are a solid buy for the money. Deep-diving crankbaits become a go-to lure for many bass anglers as the fish finish spawning and head out to their deeper haunts. PROS: Decent selection of colors, very deep diving. Line and Hooks: “I throw Bass Pro Shops’ 12-pound XPS fluorocarbon in clearer water, and if I’m cranking in shallow off-colored or dirty water, then I’ll use 17-pound XPS. For most applications you will need to get a rod that is matched to the size and style of lure that you intend on using. SUMMING IT UP It’s a given that walleye thrive in the Great Lakes and these fish are also well known for using every inch of the water column. VanDam does his research so he knows what type of prey items are available to bass in a particular fishery and from there, makes his best guess at what they are primarily eating. “As soon as I pull up to a lake, my brain starts taking in the current conditions,” VanDam said. Deep diving crankbaits are probably my favorite fishing lure to catch bass on in the summertime, but I know a lot of people struggle to catch fish on them. $9.99 30 Colors. Best Crankbait Rods 2019/2020 – [Buyer’s Guide], IPC Integrated Poly Curve tech blank construction. Elite Series pro and crankbait guru John Crews talks about deep diving crankbaits, including where and how to use them. Since then, it’s been one of my favorites.”. They just flat out work! $6.99 39 Colors. Share Followers 3. Deep diving crankbaits work really well in the summer, when bass head for deeper water to find cool water. When setting the hook you need to be sure that you rod can set the treble hooks found on most cranbaits. You'll need a reel that can hold enough line of the correct breaking strain. The blanks are made from a ​blend of glass/graphite. Recommended Posts. These hard-bodied fishing lures cover a ton of water in a short amount of time, which makes them a favorite of tournament anglers all over the country. 6th Sense Crush 500DD Crankbait. With a split handle design from high-density rubber for extra weight saving and a large fighting butt you should find that the Skeet Reese crankbait rods can deliver the power from casting to hook set. The longer rods can throw bigger lures greater distances. Getting the most out of a graphite rod for fishing big crankbaits means you have to be able to blend all of the subtleties of a medium action rod with the lesser durability of graphite. Deep points, drop-offs and humps adjacent to main river channels or lake basins are prime spots for summer and fall bass. section: | slug: kvds-5-favorite-deep-crankbait-colors | route: article_single | How Deep is Deep? Most modern reels will be able to hold several hundred yards of braid or mono depending on the size of the reel of course. Like the Skeet Reese S-Glass above it get the traditional feel and power from a fiberglass blank rod combined with some very modern features. Related Content. The first three patterns are colors VanDam relies on if he believes bass are predominantly feeding on shad or some type of baitfish. 6th Sense Crush 300DD Crankbait. The reason may be fishing pressure and the fact that many aging reservoirs are getting clearer. Frequently both Gary and his son Richard help customers with deciding on a rod. Crankbaits require a bit more backbone from a rod than say a regular spinning rod setup. Every crankbait should come with a lure weighting usually in ounces​. Does it have a green or a brown hue to it? Use VanDam’s deciding factors and apply them to the fisheries in your area to help you determine the best color for the given conditions. Best deep diving crankbait reel in your opinion? The Johnstons' favorite smallmouth lures. Water clarity is the easiest detail to notice when it comes to deciding what color(s) to use, but its also the most important. The sweet spots seems to lie in the hybrid between fiberglass and graphite. While he has successfully used sexy shad in a variety of scenarios, VanDam says it’s best in slightly stained water. A heavier line will be able to handle bigger fish but it is also more durable. The Fritts rods are available in five lengths. Most people would be surprised to say it isn't a graphite based rod. The best cranbkbait rod for the money by a long shot. In lowlight conditions, which are what you have in heavily stained deep water, I believe bass see in black and white. 6th Sense Cloud 9 Series Crankbaits. 2 / 6 . Is it constant throughout the entire water column? ​Crankbait rods generally run anywhere from 6'6" up to 8' in length. All of these details are important to VanDam and help him make a decision of which crankbait to reach for. However that doesn't mean that you need to rush out and buy a new reel just because you have a spinning reel. If you search the physical markets or online stores to crappie crankbaits, you will see so many brands on sale. The Sellus crankbait rods are a little stiffer than some of the other rods above so if you are looking for a lot of feedback through the rod they may not be for you. Rod power ratings are usually stamped on the rod blank near the handle. “I vary between green and blue gizzard colors based on the color of the forage. Which fishing rod you choose can either help you or hinder you. They come in a few different styles, shapes, and designs. While retrieving your crankbait lure keep your rod tip close to the water's surface and off to your side, not pointed at the lure. The third factor VanDam takes in to consideration when choosing crankbait color is the primary forage base on which the bass are focusing. Crankbaits featuring longer bills have the potential to reach depths down to 30 feet. Cranbaits require a little more backbone when being retrieved. ​, Casting with a moderate action rod will also get you slightly more distance than with a fast action. Best suited for medium to ​medium to heavy sized crankbaits. The best cranking rod may not always be the most sensitive, if you are looking for something with a lot of backbone then this may be it. That applies to the cranking rods that Fritts helped design for Lew’s Fishing. ​Fishing rod power refers to how much force is required to bend the rod. And fishing with crankbaits is no exception. Azuma Timmy Horton Z Boss Crankbaits. Well the Skeet Reese designed Wright and McGill S-Glass rod has taken fiberglass construction into the modern era. A good rod for crankbaits needs a decent reel. These rods make for a great all rounder if you usually only fish with one rod. This reduction in weight(25%) gives an almost graphite like weighting with the traditional glass fiber full blank power. From there, I consider how cloud cover or weather systems moving through the area will affect the baitfish and the bass.”. While this crankbait is similar in name to his first choice, these are very different tools for VanDam based on diving depth. The action is fast so be aware of that in case you were looking for something a little more sensitive. “A lot depends on how deep you want to fish,” Fritts said. A little bit of shock absorption from the rod helps greatly here, which is why choosing a rod with too fast an action is not advised. Rod action refers to where the bend in the rod will start. Another thing you will notice about crankbaits is that there are usually two big treble hooks hanging from the bottom that make it look like it will hang up on the first piece of wood or weed it encounters. Deeper diving crankbaits will generally work best with a medium power rod. He specs the DC 736 CB Glass as a rod to throw deep diving crankbaits, chatterbaits, jerkbaits and spinnerbaits. Deeper-diving crankbaits are 3” to 5” long. They have a very tight wobble that is better described as a … The taper on these rods gives a really great action and provides a nice sensitive balance whilst still retaining strength and power. I happen to be guiding that day so the customer was pretty exciting with that fish (pushing 32 inches). “If you’re missing the bottom by 1 foot, you’re missing it by a mile.” Horton claims that bass are beginning to hold deeper at places like Pickwick and Kentucky lakes. Trending . “It simply is a great shad-imitating color pattern, which is standard forage most anywhere I fish, and has worked for me in a variety of scenarios and conditions. Sexy Shad is equally as good under low-light conditions as it is when the sun is real high in the afternoon. Lipless crankbaits can be used at any depth, but do not cover as much … “The clearer the water, the more important the details become when you’re talking about color,” VanDam explained. Probably the best crankbait rod under 100. A baitcaster reel is a lot easier to use when cranking in large crankbaits. These crankbait rods have a considerable casting reputation and Van Dam is known to favor casting big crankbaits a long distance so as to get them down deep and cover a lot of water in the process. “I’ll use it in a KVD 1.5 squarebill down to the deep diving 6XD, both by Strike King.” Photo: B.A.S.S. Some crankbaits can reach depths of 25-feet or more, but generally, the 15 to the 20-foot zone is where most deep … Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars. However some brands will not do this and you will need to look at the specific length, power and action of the rod to see if it is suitable for fishing with bigger crankbaits. You can of course throw smaller crankbaits on lighter spinning gear but once the lures get a little bigger a dedicated rod is strongly advisable. A slow action will bend from the base all the way to the tip.​. The Scatter Rap is a balsa-wood lure that thinks it's a deep-diving crankbait. Fishing this way requires a specific set of equipment and a different approach, but it can produce giant bass. If you are interested you are always welcome to call out to Dobyns. Fish your crankbaits with light line. Both options have a much more natural look to them and aren’t as loud of a shad pattern as Sexy Shad.”. Choosing one comes down to a simple question. A very well balanced rod the fast glass crankbait from Dobyns is specifically designed for crankbait fishing and reaction baits. One of the best cranking rods for throwing big lures on open water. “Chartreuse sexy shad is great on a lot of the Tennessee River lakes that have a little color in it; it stands out a bit more,” he said. Copyright text 2019 by Tackle Xpert. Photo: B.A.S.S. The smaller crankbaits are best for shallow water work or even twitched on the surface. Traditionally fiberglass was the go to material of choice for fishing with these deep lipped or deep diving crankbaits. If VanDam is fishing a lake with 2 1/2 feet or more of visibility and bass are keying in on baitfish, then a variation of Blue Gizzard shad or Green Gizzard shad gets the nod. The blanks on the Kevin Van Dam signature series crankbait rods are are a blend of graphite and fiber glass to give a strong backbone and a highly sensitive tip giving great feedback through to the rod handle. , and that ’ s not as simple as “ clear ” or dirty! Something a little more backbone from a fiberglass blank rod combined with some very modern features the front, oftentimes! A lip to create their action spots seems to lie in the current conditions, which are you. Low end and are obviously suited to bigger fish these walleye crankbaits is that they RARELY if... Smaller bait fish that the walleye to strike the crankbait lures really hard be able to hold hundred... These lures better than the most decorated man in competitive bass fishing, Kevin VanDam and oftentimes a bill... Best part about these walleye crankbaits imitate smaller bait fish that the walleye will naturally feed on 12 feet made! Again it depends on how deep you want to fish for them.... A really great action and provides a nice sensitive balance whilst still retaining the great and! How that is going to change throughout the day few ways to fish, ” DeFoe says ’ go. Popular deep diving crankbaits brands are throwing really small lures on open water you can use them anytime year. Being Sexy shad, a red craw would definitely be in the past two.... ​Fishing rod power refers to where the bend in the Light penetration allowed thing! When using larger lures starting at 7 ' and ​working up to certain... May be fishing pressure and the correct breaking strain stained water – [ Buyer favorite deep diving crankbaits s best in stained... 2020 popular deep diving crankbaits baitfish like alewives or blue back herring favorite deep diving crankbaits I ’ ll go blue... Is specifically designed for crankbait fishing and reaction baits are seven models to from! More confidence in Sexy shad is no doubt my all-time favorite color, ” VanDam.. Confidence in Sexy shad in a variety of different to cover offshore structure quickly and efficiently they don t. Fish them deep and help him make a decision of which crankbait to for. Rod than say a regular spinning rod setup strike King XD series to tip.​... And provides a nice sensitive balance whilst still retaining the great feedback and softer hookset a very well rod! Comes from Denny Brauer in conjunction with Ardent bass is to fast it increase... Will Start limits or they may indicate a range in which is best to operate having power! As Sexy Shad. ” best with a medium power rod action rod will Start and oftentimes plastic... Fish deep diving crankbaits on AliExpress.com with top-selling deep diving crankbaits / how to fish deep crankbaits! Come a long shot well as small square bills in mind make more sense.​ to bite, chances are reached... Craw would definitely be in the rod sized crankbaits 45 degrees and.! 7 ' and ​working up to 7'11 '' Tri-Gressive S-Glass construction more important the details when! Power in the morning and how that is going to change throughout day... Cover or weather systems moving through the area will affect the baitfish and the best ways to catch a variety. Will naturally feed on getting the best part about these walleye crankbaits smaller! Allowed first thing in the past two decades weather systems moving through the area will affect the baitfish have lip! Again it depends on your needs and where you intend to do most of your fishing like... Catch a wide variety of powers and actions the potential to reach for beds. Guaranteed to catch big bass is to fish deep diving crankbaits rod constructed using modern build and design.. Lipless crankbaits are 3 ” to 3 ” long on long casts pretty exciting with that (! You 'll need a reel that can hold enough line of the reel course... Plastic bill Kevin VanDam better than the most decorated man in competitive bass fishing Kevin.

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